Choco Strawberry Mint Smoothie

I just started an online program in holistic nutrition. It’s a one-year course from which I will (hopefully) obtain a health coach certification. To this day, transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle has mostly been an exploratory journey. Although I read a lot of books and articles about holistic nutrition, I wanted to have a more […]

Raw Cacao Energy Bites

Energy. It’s all around us. It’s within us. It fluctuates. It’s not something we can fully grasp, yet we can feel it. You either have an excess of it, or a deficiency. How much energy you have usually depends on how much you’ve slept the night before and what you eat. I don’t think the […]

Saint Patrick’s Green Scrambled Tofu

My father’s name is Patrick. And in France we like to celebrate name days. So ever since I was little, Saint Patrick’s Day has been a pretty big deal. I can’t remember one year where I wasn’t wearing as much green as I possibly could on that day. Living in Montreal brought my love for […]

Chocolate Rice Crackers

2016. February. Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Wow, it’s been way too long since I last posted a recipe here. Of course I could follow the path of guilt and feel bad about not being more consistent with my blog posts… Or I could make a commitment NOW that, as of Tuesday February 9th, […]