Choco Strawberry Mint Smoothie

I just started an online program in holistic nutrition. It’s a one-year course from which I will (hopefully) obtain a health coach certification. To this day, transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle has mostly been an exploratory journey. Although I read a lot of books and articles about holistic nutrition, I wanted to have a more […]

Almond Butter & Strawberry Breakfast Toast

As the season is changing and mornings are definitely colder, I find myself craving warm and hearty breakfasts. In fact, I secretly love cold mornings because they give me an excuse to indulge in dessert-like breakfasts. This simple, yet very tasty, toast is a perfect example. Growing up we never really had any nut butters […]

Easy Strawberry Porridge

I worship my mornings. My morning routine is an essential part of my day. I enjoy waking up early and savoring the peaceful moments before the day gets hectic. Whether I had morning classes, when I was still in university, or the entire morning free, when my work only started in the afternoon, I would […]