Quick & Easy Lunch: The Avocado Toast

September 16, 2015

Sooooo… avocado toasts, eh? (Apparently I still have a little bit of Canadian in me.) Not sure what the big deal is but they’re popping everywhere! Literally, everywhere. I understand why people think they’re so good – let’s face it, bread and avocado together is genius – but this recent avocado-mania is beyond me. As tasty as avocado toasts are, it still amazes me how everyone suddenly became obsessed with them. It’s not like we recently (re)discovered that avocado and bread had special virtues, the same way maca powder, chia seeds or spirulina do. Anyway, seeing as they’re a crowd pleaser these days, I figured I might as well hop on the bandwagon. After all, they are a quick, easy, and tasty lunch solution!

At first glance my version may not seem so special or unique, but let me tell you it’s all in the little details. The little details are what brings it from an avocado toast to The Avocado Toast. The spices, the cherry tomatoes from the garden, the lime juice, the toasted pumpkin seeds, the fresh coriander, the fleur de sel… all contribute to making each bite an assortment of creamy, crunchy, salty, fresh, spicy, and juicy sensations. It’s like having a rainbow in your mouth. Really! If you don’t believe me, then please try it for yourself…

avocado toast 2

avocado toast 3

avocado toast 4

The Avocado Toast – serves: 2 toasts | prep time: 5-10 min | cooking time: 5 min


  • 2 slices of gluten-free bread (or bread of your choice)
  • ½ a ripe avocado
  • 5 cherry tomatoes
  • ½ a lime
  • a few sprigs of fresh coriander, stems removed (≈ ¼ cup)
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
  • 2 dashes of fleur de sel
  • 2 dashes of ground cumin
  • 2 dashes of ground coriander
  • chili flakes to taste


Start by toasting your slices of bread.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in 2 and the ½ avocado into thin slices – about 10. Roughly chop the fresh coriander leaves.

Place the pumpkin seeds into a frying pan and toast for a couple of minutes on medium heat, until the seeds are a nice golden brown color.

Once the bread is toasted, you can start assembling. Lay about 5 slices of avocado on each slice of bread and juice the ½ lime over both of them. Then sprinkle the ground cumin and coriander evenly on the toasts. Divide the tomato halves on each toast and sprinkle some fleur de sel on top of it. Next I like to shower the toasts with the fresh coriander, toasted pumpkin seeds and chili flakes so that it lands randomly and creates a beautiful mess.

Now you’re ready for your first bite of heaven, enjoy!


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